Rides & Attractions


*Some rides may be temporarily closed due to scheduled maintenance*

*Thomas Land will NOT be open for the Christmas Festival of Lights due to staffing issues.*

*Dino Land is NOT open during Christmas Festival of Lights.*



Astronaut Ride
Head into space in your own capsule.
Big Eli: The Ferris Wheel
Get the best view from the highest point in Carver.
Bone Shaker
Buckle up! You're in for a bumpy ride!
Bumper Cars
Race and bump your friends and rivals in the classic attraction!
A favorite of everyone for years and years.
Christmas Festival of Lights Video
Clown Train
Enjoy our new indoor ride, which is a great time for kids of all ages!
Cran Central Junction - Ellis' Playhouse
Come in and PLAY!
Cranberry Ball Crawl
The Cranberry Ball Crawl is loads of fun! Swim and play in this cranberry bog inspired play area.
Dickens Village
Stroll though our Dickens Village Sneak Peek!
Edaville's Arcade
Edaville's home for games that will delight gamers of any age.
Flying Elephants
Colorful flying elephants soar into the air under control of the rider. Pull the stick and up you go!
Flying Turtles
A gentle ride for the youngest of children.
Free Fallin'
Spring to the top of this tower than drop to the earth in an exciting free fall.
Gas Station Ride
Get out of the way! It’s the kids turn to drive!
Giant Santa (Seasonal)
This larger than life Santa is available for photo opportunities during the Christmas Festival of Lights.
Jet About Ride
Jet, jet, jet about on this fun ride!
Meet the Gingerbreads!
The Gingerbread Family is the perfect opportunity to take a family photo of your own!
Mini Carousel
Hop on one of our mini horses for a ton of fun!
Model Train
Back in time: It's a little Edaville Railroad now Edaville Family Theme Park located right inside on the second floor of the brick building!
Nut Tree
Fly high over Edaville in this wacky basket ride in the sky.
Red Baron
Junior pilots can take to the skies in these tiny biplane replicas.
Samba Balloon Ride
Go high above the park and start spinning on this high thrill!
As the machine spins one way, your car moves in the opposite direction!
Spinning Ladybug Coaster
Hop onto our newest coaster for drops and spins like no other.
Steam Train (Select Days)
On select days take a special ride on Edaville's Engine 21 steam train!
The Jolly Caterpillar
This smiling creature takes small children for a spin while moving safely up and down – like a real live caterpillar!
How fast can you spin?
Visit with Santa!
Stop in and say "Hi", or take a photo with the big guy!

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